Macromolecular Architectures



Macromolecular architectures involve synthesis, design and development of tailor-made polymers by employing different synthetic methods. From conventional step-growth or chain-growth to latest controlled radical polymerizations, in this course different Polymer Science topics regarding the synthesis and characterization of complex macromolecular structures are covered. A brief overview of the course is given as follows:

• Macromolecules: characteristics and classification
• Natural and synthetic macromolecules
• Step-growth and chain-growth polymerization
• Ionic and metal-catalyzed polymerization
• Controlled-living radical polymerization
• Copolymers, stars and complex macromolecules
• Physicochemical characterization of macromolecules. Applications


Managerial and technical staff of polymer plants, food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, among many others.

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