Enzyme Immobilization / Applications



Enzyme immobilization involves different approaches to fix a protein onto a solid without the loss of catalytic properties. The last 15 years have seen an explosive increase in the research and use of enzymes in food, cosmetics, organic synthesis and, lately, in biorefineries for tailor made chemicals and in the development of new high added value products. This course presents the state of the art of enzyme immobilization methodologies and the different tools to characterize the immobilized enzymes, with a special focus in lipases.The topics include molecular modeling studies and the state-of-the-art in the field of enzymatic processes and bioengineering, specially in the field of lipases and oleochemistry with a view on biodiesel and glycerides synthesis.


Researchers in the field of Biocatalysis and Bioengineering. Managerial and technical staff of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biodegradable polymer industries, among many others.


María Luján Ferreira, Gabriela Tonetto.

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