Aerosol Aerodynamic Size Measurement

Characterization of inhalatory products and associated medical devices


Evaluation of in vitro aerosolization properties of drugs for nasal and pulmonary route: a) uniformity of delivered dose, b) aerodynamic particle/droplet size distribution, c) mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) and geometric standard deviation (GSD), and d) emitted, respirable and fine fractions; following international guidelines. Determinations are performed in a new generation cascade impactor.


Cascade impactor – NGI, Copley Scientific. Air flowrate: 15 – 100 L / min. Aerodynamic particle size: 0.24 – 11.7 microns.


Quality control, pharmaceutical equivalence, evaluation of products in development. Type of products: Formulations to nebulize | Dry powder inhalers | Pressurized aerosols | Nasal formulations | Valved holding chambers | Spacers | Nebulizers.

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